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Male breast operation (Gynecomastia)

In men’s breasts the hormone changes at puberty and medicines containing hormonal elements can lead to enlargement of the breast gland. This may be felt as a lump or swelling.

As a consequence, not just the breast gland, but the surrounding fat tissue can grow significantly, and the breast may become like a woman’s breast in size and in shape. In simple cases we can excise the excess tissue, which is 1-2cm in diameter, from an incision around the nipple; this is often combined with liposuction.

After liposuction, the patient should wear a special vest for 4-5 weeks to improve the smooth retraction of the expanded skin. In certain cases liposuction solely can be effective. Before any surgery it is useful to do a pin-biopsy, where a sample is taken from the tissue by a thin pin.

Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, followed by one night’s observation. Stitches are taken out on the 7th – 10th day.

The patient must avoid sport and physical activity for 4-5 weeks. Possible complications can be bleeding, inflammation, demage to nerves or problems with the healing of the wound. You can read about the details of these in the chapter on complication.

Male breast operation pictures (before + after)