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Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement by implant

Implants can differ in their raw materials, surfaces and form. The raw material is usually silicone, although several materials have been tried as replacements for silicon gel, e.g. vegetable oils (banned not long ago due to cases of inflammation in the tissues). There are implants filled with physiological salt solution, the casing of which is also silicone. We must mention an important fact: statistically it has never ever been proven that the rate of tumours or immune illnesses is higher among women with silicone implants.

The surface of the implant can be smooth or uneven. Making it uneven plays a great role decreasing capsule formation.

The shape of the implant can be low profile, high profile or drop-shaped. This depends on whether it is implanted under the muscle or under the breast tissue, and which is the most suitable for the original shape of the breast. The implant can be placed under the big breast muscle (pectoralis major) or under the breast tissue directly over the muscle.

Both of the procedures have advantages and disadvantages. The most “natural” solution is to place the implant under the breast tissue, but if the tissue and the subcutaneous fat are too little, the surgery may be seen in the shape of the breast due to the edges of the implant. In this case we can get a better result by placing the implant under the muscle. This way the danger of the most common complication (capsule formation (seen later)) is reduced. Implanting under the muscle could be a hindrance in active and competitive sporting because of the possible removal of the implant.

In the case of less flabby atrophic breasts we can avoid the removal of excess skin by placing the implant under the tissue. This can tighten flabby breasts, while this will not happen if placing the implant under the muscle. The implant can be placed between the muscle and the chest, so the breast will not slacken easily. But this can be a disadvantage if the original breast slackens and the implant stays in its place. In this case a double contoured breast will develop, where the first hump is the implant, and the lower hump is the breast. This can cause more problems than slackening altogether (implant is placed under the tissue) because this is the normal shape of flabby breasts.

Breast enlargement before-after pictures